Certification fee and Clinic Payment

Beginning with the season 2016 / 2017 all judges who wan to have a TTR / WSF Judge issued from the IJC will be asked to pay a certification fee. The fee is independent whether a judge does visit a judge education or or not. The certification fee for this year if 50 Euro or 55 USD.

For the clinic in Europe the judges also need to pay an additional clinic fee of 50 Euros. Payment should be made in advance via Paypal.


Certification and Clinic fee for Europe

In case you are not visiting the Judge clinic in Innsbruck go for the “Certification only” option.

2016 Certification Europe

Certification  fee for North America / in USD

Certification fee in USD (55$)

2016 Clinics

European Clinic

The European Judges Clinic will be held September 22rd – 25th 2016 in Bad Gastein, Austria.

This will be a joint clinic from FIS, TTR and WSF.

Please find download the clinic invitation from here.

Clinic fee

For the TTR / WSF part a fee of 50 Euros will need to be paid. Payments can be made via Paypal to payments@ijc.info . More information can be found here.

Certification Fee

Starting this year all judge who want to receive an certification for the current year will need to pay a 50 Euro certification fee. This will also be for judges that are not attending the clinic this year but want to be scheduled.

Payments can be made via Paypal to payments@ijc.info . More details to follow.

North American Clinic

The North American clinic will be held in Vancouver Canada. Dates and details to be announced.